Sheryl Photography
It's All About The Satisfaction
I have always loved taking pictures. I love shots of family, friends, nature, animales , anything that catches my eye. Sharing my photos and the story they tell is half the fun of taking them. It is a pure joy to look back at my captures and remember the day, that event, time or place.
Over the years I have taken pictures for many friends and family members of their children, pets, motorcycles, cars, boats, guitars and events such as weddings, graduations, family portraits, sporting events and more. It would not be fair to call it work as I enjoy it to much to call it that.
First place ribbons at the county fair, purple ribbons at the state fair, contest winner, prize winner and of course my own satisfaction with my photos are all there along lifes path. I even managed to take a few college courses along the way.
It is true that a picture is worth a thousand word it; is also true that a picture holds a thousand memories.